Kathy HurdCarrillo                

 > Professional Figure Skater Since 1986 
> 5 years professional tours with Ice Capades & Holiday on Ice Europe 
> USFSA Gold Medals in Ice Dance, Freedance, Freestyle, and MIF 
> Opened BNR Dance Company in 1994 

Credentials & Background

> Modern Ballet, Lyrical, & Improv 
> Jazz, Tap, & Freestyle 
> Baton Twirling & Prop Work 
> Tumbling & Juggling 

> Figure, Hockey and In-Line Skating
> Snow Skiing & Grass Skiing
> Tennis
> Swimming

Dance Specialties
Seasonal Teaching Endeavors
>> Owner and Operator <<

   Author of: 
 "The Athletic Learning Curve"
A reference guide for coaches and athletes to streamline athletic learning.
 Inventor of:  
"KatStrapz"For Figure Skaters
  To keep laces secure and enhance consistency in performance.
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